Hello hello people!!!Too little too pink huh??? Yeah hunny…Some pink outfit never hurt nobody,right?For lack of another outfit I worked with my pink jeans,a pink fancy tank top,a grey boyfie jacket and my black heels. By the way I think it didn’t go bad at all. I had couple of my pals fall for my little act that it was actually a jumpsuit!!!

Enough with my outfit. It’s been a great week and can I just say what a great feeling it is when you reach that point where you are completely happy with the person you are. In this spirit of self-confidence allow me quote something that keeps me moving.

”Go,and do,live,enjoy,create,love,laugh,grow and make the very best of what can be” Ralph Marson.





Guess who crushed the party!!! My gal Mesi and by far my no. one fan yaaay!!!

Pants:Hawa market stalls|Top:Thrifted|Jacket:Toi market|Bag:Adams market|Neck pieces:Sleek Touch|Tiptoe heels:BS stalls

Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for dropping by!!!

Author: Grace Muriuki

Photos: Jared Maina


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