wpid-dsc_mi1.jpgHey there lovely people! It’s been a minute,hope this gets you well.

About this post,i had originally posted it  a few days ago but realized later that the media part of it (preety much the greater deal in fashion blogging) was missing. So I found a few minutes to spare today and decided to reblog it.

Can I just hint a little excitement? I have two more papers to go then I’ll be done with my end of year exams!!!!YAAAAY!!! Meanwhile a little studying has to be done by someone.

Just incase you missed on the previous post,this here is my new segment dubbed ‘MIRRORED’ where i’ll take a challenge to mirror stylish look.

wpid-20141018_jimmychoo_anouk_4709.jpgThis here is the beautiful Miss Enocha!




Thanks a lot for reading. Stay safe!

Author: Grace Muriuki

Photos: Jared G Maina


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