A gloomy Sunday afternoon. I promised guys on social to have this post up yesterday evening.But I didn’t… I know,y’all can relate.You have these things you want done but you just can’t get it done…for some reason. These things happen TO EVERYONE…So don’t beat yourself _JGM5081[1]

I posted the first bit of what this post is about last week and this here is the last bit. I always appreciate a person with a great sense of style. It’s not about how big your closet is, it’s about ones ability to work with what they have and just slay these streets!


This time,I just worked with a different bag and a different pair of shoe, threw on my

leather jacket to achieve a chic look. I my opinion, nothing screams chic than a good blazer or leather jacket. So yes honey, get the darn shoes and bags!!! The blazer too…or leather jacket.Whatever tickles your fancy



Thanks for stopping by darling.

Jacket : Thrifted

Dress :Yours truly

Bag : Store in Town

Shoes : Gmak couture

Author : Grace Muriuki

Photography : Jared G Maina










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