Expectations do actually have an impact on your life. Especially those expectations that you might have of yourself. Personally I have these really high bars I set for myself. They actually help me follow up with my goals while maintaining this level of discipline that’s extremely important if you are to get anything done. So yes,it does pay to expect the very best of yourself.

This being a fashion blog: rather, a personal style journal, why am I getting all deep you may wonder… Well, I hope that this grows into a space where I can share things (not necessarily fashion)things  I feel work for me , be helpful to someone while at the same time get to borrow something positive from anyone who gets to visit my small space.

In view of all this, I intend to blog more often than I’ve always done. And yes! I ditched the shy guy and shot this look in town !!! I would love to take credit for that but nah! My photographer  coerced  me into it.


Speaking of the shy girl





So what do you do when your efforts don’t meet your expectations??

You adjust to that reality; make the most of what is available to you, and move forward with even higher expectations. Thank you for stopping by.

Top | Yours truly   [ Place order on the comment box below or any of my social media]

Skirt | Yours truly

Shoes | Gmak Couture

Bag | Mesi ( my friend)

Author : Grace Muriuki

Photography : Anthony Ogega





  1. Grace Kamau says:

    Looking lovely as always! Sharing the same sentiments… We all should have expectations and high ones per se. You going places miss… Your number one fan! 😘

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