My name is Grace, am a firm believer that hardwork and talent together with one’s ability to identify and make use of opportunities can propel them towards achievement of the unimaginable. Am telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 😏.( No pun intended)

I have always wanted to create high end fashion pieces and make them affordable to people, and while at it, I have managed with my mama’s help Β to come up with pieces (as seen right here on the blog) that am in all humility proud of.My latest creation,Joggers/Sweats suits, whatever name you choose to go with. They come in neutral colors ie Olive, tan, nude, black, white and grey.

For this post I wore a nude suit,aiming at a simple laid back look. To achieve this I went minimal with the accessories hence the simple nude bag and shoes.



This casual-staple-turned-fashion-crush is super versatile and incredibly comfortable.


There are 1001 ways to style this former gym staple that had been redefined into a luxe,immaculately tailored thing for the masses.




As always good people, stay stylish and feel appreciated for stopping by.

Full outfit | Yours Truly (order below.)

Shoes | Gmak Couture

Bag | Sasa mall

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photos | Ogega Andere




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