Happy  Tuesday!!!

A New African Woman. What does this mean to you? To some of us, that reminds you of your favorite mag. To some of us,it has a much deeper meaning.

Ask any teenage girl, in most cases they always envisaged themselves as strong businesswomen with bold, go-getting goals. But, somewhere along their way into adulthood, we loose it.




Failure kicks in,usually as a result of lack of self-belief:an insecurity in our own capabilities and flagging willpower when it comes to holding onto our audacious dreams.


So let’s not loose ourselves, let’s be true New African Women. A new african Woman is an opinion former, independent thinker with a global view of the world, she’s a risk taker going against all odds to turn the impossible to possible! For her,failure makes her wiser and stronger: it doesn’t deter her from her dreams and ambitions.





Am wearing a lace top and palazzo pants from my collection, yeah am daring to dream☺. Be strong , grounded and independent: yet kind and down-to-earth and beautiful in and out. Thanks so much for dropping by.


Lace top | Yours Truly

Palazzo pants | Yours Truly

Shoes | Fabtrends Kenya

Bag | Gifted

Photography | Anthony Ogega Andere




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