Do you ever have those Mondays that feel like a Thursday evening? Like Thursday leading to a Friday. Friday not in the sense of anticipating the weekend but the feeling of a so far spent week. I’m somewhat not so sure how I intend to survive this week. Am gonna survive though, coz a winner don’t quit on themself ( In Beyonce’s voice ).

Booties with socks?! Yes please! I pulled this ‘not-so-conventional’ look the other day and absolutely loved it! While styling ,skirt and boots with socks is not the first thing that comes to mind really but who cares?!You can never be all black over-clad. You can absolutely wear black, full on black. If you can fit it all in,then by all means do! All am saying is; me, my black hat, black choker, black top , black leather skirt, black socks and boots got to hang out! And we had a great time!!!

Don’t be afraid to join the disobedient society. The one that knows no rules. It’s not about playing by the rules or the usual. It’s about having fun. Just let the fun in!!!

I cant thank you enough for yet another visit. Have a fun-filled week ahead!










Hat | Random vendor

Choker | DIY Ribbon

Top | Toi Market

Skirt | River Island

Boots | Woolworths (via my boo India)

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Anthony Ogega



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