To all you beautiful souls that gave me sweet comments the other day, this one’s for you! I had an almost similar ensemble a few days ago and received the sweetest of compliments from friends and strangers alike. Then I thought, why not blog about it!

I have so much love for this ankara vest coat (don’t go searching for ‘Ankara vest coat’ on google. See I don’t think it’s a thing. Am just in the habit of coming up with words). I am not sure what the love is about but it could be coz it’s in this super bright popping print. Better still, it’s probably coz I will never run out of ways to style it. A little black dress being one of the options I could work with. Need I talk about how classic the LBD is? No? I thought so too.

I previously wore the same ensemble but kind of of styled it differently.I could give you a thousand and one, (not literally) ways to style this coat but I prefer to do a look book instead. All am saying is, if you don’t already own one of these then you are not doing yourself any justice. Do yourself a favor and order one in the comment box below, coz you needed it like yesterday.

Thank you so much for visiting .






Ankara vest | Yours truly

Dress | Oldie

Shoes | Gmak Couture

Clutch | Gikomba market

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Anthony Ogega



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