Originally, Power Dressing is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional & political environment, traditionally dominated by men.

However for me, it’s a feeling, a mood. It results after you are fearless with your choice of dressing.It’s believing in your aura, your feminine energy and wearing whatever outfit you choose regardless of the existing opinions around it. It’s saying,’ I know people think this belongs to women of an older generation’ …’People think that wearing this makes me a lesser woman’! But I choose to wear it. It’s ignoring all that,and making it all about you. Embracing what makes you feel whatever feeling it is you are looking for. On that note, look at Theresa May, Britain prime minister’s style.She’s refused to admit that fashion is irreconcilable with caring about,say,nuclear policy and in doing so she’s setting precedent that allows women to show a facet of their persona which otherwise could be denied without it undermining expectations.

That said, how gorgeous is this ankara belt though! It’s from my collection and comes in both Ankara and Leather! How cool, right?! I am aware that younger girls shy off from ankara, but I assure my fellow ankara lovers, it comes down to how it makes you feel. Therefore if you feel fabulous in ankara, please rock it! By all means possible!

Meanwhile, see how I changed my rather boring outfit into this powerful ‘power dress’ using my ankara belt!

Thanks for visiting, stay fabulous!












Top |Yours Truly

Pencil skirt |Yours Truly

Ankara belt | Yours truly, my collection

Bag | Sasa Mall

Shoes |Oldies

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere

[ Order your Ankara or Leather belt in the comment box below ]




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