I will be offended if you still need more convincing on the versatility of my Ankara two-set! Heck, the word is even cliché at this point! I have used it so many times (in writing) here on the blog as well as on my social media. On that note let’s connect via my social media avenues [@gracemuriuki].

Hello peeps! So,way 3 which also happens to be my last styling option for my Ankara two-set lookbook is here! Of course there are lots of other ways you could style it. I would love to hear how you would style it, feel free to comment below.

Happiness is having an outfit you could slay in, 7 different ways. Notice 7 has been strategically used to mean all week long! For the more creative lot, let’s work with all year long. Call me cheap but low maintenance is a virtue. If you are looking to add one more virtue,choose cheap, a.k.a get this outfit already! Choose happiness 😁.

I guess am just trying to narrow down a more serious general line of thought with all this. To sum it all up, life is rich in possibilities, the world offers us choices, people we don’t know are working to advance us. The universe is grounding for you. And as one Ralph Marson said, “Here you are in the midst of it all; able to choose what to do. Pause, consider & make each choice worthy of all that makes life possible.

Have a great weekend and may this coming week be the best you have had yet!









Coat & Shorts | Yours Truly

Black Tee         | Thrifted

Bag.                   | Oldie

Shoes.               | Emirates Shoes

Author.             | Grace Muriuki

Photography.  | Ogega Andere






Did you know a whooping 1.5tr dollars of the global economy is accrued to the fashion industry. Africa’s contribution to this amount is unknown but I can tell you for sure,countries like Vietnam,China,India,Turkey and the likes are smiling all the way to the bank. Sadly,this is one of the most neglected and underdeveloped sectors in most of African economies. The potential of the fashion industry to provide solutions to the rising youth unemployment and slow economic growth is often overlooked.

African fashion has been receiving a lot of attention in the recent past ranging from runways during fashion weeks to street exhibition of our pieces. We have also been enjoying massive media presence which can only mean that,the world is now aware of our capabilities. Our ability to now take advantage of the prevailing conditions is what will determine how much we rise.

It’s the early time we supported our own local designs, from a place of genuine desire to identify with who we are & the absence of the need for validation of our heritage.Ya digg??

That said, on a lighter note, I apologize for letting the economist/statician in me dominate the better part of today’s post. All am saying is, it is absolutely okay to rock Ankara for street wear. Throw in the rubbers too, especially white ones from Bata😜. They go a long way.

I hope you like my way-two of styling my two-set outfit.Do me a favour, share this post then make sure you a have a great week ahead😊. Make sure.












Coat & Shorts | Yours Truly

Kungfu rubbers | Bata

Neck piece | Mr Price

Sunnies | Old from a random store

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere




I have been living in pants, so am donning my two set Ankara outfit comprising of shorts and a vest coat in honor of the sun…because it did come out at some point. Then it was cold, then it rained,then I wondered. What’s with the unfaithfulness. What is becoming of the world?! So now I can’t trust the sun too!? Am allowed to vent here right?!

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! It’s been a minute but am B-A-C-K double offending in my vest coat. I loved it so much, I saw it was lonely, I felt it shouldn’t be alone so I made it a pair of shorts for a companion. This cute set is perfect for sunny days or any outdoor concert-ish events. I would probably wear it for a catch up with the girls too.

I am creating a lookbook around it just to show you guys the different ways I would style it so then,bookmark this page for updates on the subsequent posts.

I hope the rest of the week is kind to you!








Coat & Shorts | My collection ( Contact                                    me to place an order)

Pull-neck | Oldie

Flats | Mr Price

Watch | Jamia mall

Bag | Keshly Collections

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Anthony Ogega










Happy new month ladies and gents! I can’t believe we are on the 2nd half of the year already!!!

Today am here to talk about the real MVP of streetstyle, The Bomber Jacket. This super stylish piece is an absolute wardrobe must have. Why dare I say this you ask? Let’s get down to it!!!

1.The sporty yet sexy bomber jacket is a great way to dress down – For instance, with skinny jeans and a loose tee

2.It comes in handy in giving a ‘too-girly’ outfit a bit of an edge- Give a posh dress some street cred with the bomber’s sleeves pushed all the way up

3.It can be used to add a touch of class to any outfit – Choosing a jacket of a different material instantly adds class to your ensemble

4.It’s comfortable and that’s always a win – A bomber looks best when it’s a little worn in, not too perfect… Yah dig?

5. Lastly, they can be styled with literally anything – Whether oversized with arms rolled up or shrunken the ’90s style, they work just as well with a slinky dress as they do with ripped jeans… Or a leather skirt, heck even a pair of denim shorts. I mean why not.

I recently thrifted an olive bomber. This time, I played it cool with black skinnies and a black fitting tank. However, I can’t wait to be more daring the next time I style it. I added a black choker (am obsessed) and a black hat for some edge.

Thank you again for visiting, I am humbled by your continued support!











Hat | Random Vendor

Vest | Thrifted

Jeans | Thrifted

Bomber Jacket | Thrifted

Shoes | Emirates Shoes

Bag | Oldie

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere