Happy new month ladies and gents! I can’t believe we are on the 2nd half of the year already!!!

Today am here to talk about the real MVP of streetstyle, The Bomber Jacket. This super stylish piece is an absolute wardrobe must have. Why dare I say this you ask? Let’s get down to it!!!

1.The sporty yet sexy bomber jacket is a great way to dress down – For instance, with skinny jeans and a loose tee

2.It comes in handy in giving a ‘too-girly’ outfit a bit of an edge- Give a posh dress some street cred with the bomber’s sleeves pushed all the way up

3.It can be used to add a touch of class to any outfit – Choosing a jacket of a different material instantly adds class to your ensemble

4.It’s comfortable and that’s always a win – A bomber looks best when it’s a little worn in, not too perfect… Yah dig?

5. Lastly, they can be styled with literally anything – Whether oversized with arms rolled up or shrunken the ’90s style, they work just as well with a slinky dress as they do with ripped jeans… Or a leather skirt, heck even a pair of denim shorts. I mean why not.

I recently thrifted an olive bomber. This time, I played it cool with black skinnies and a black fitting tank. However, I can’t wait to be more daring the next time I style it. I added a black choker (am obsessed) and a black hat for some edge.

Thank you again for visiting, I am humbled by your continued support!











Hat | Random Vendor

Vest | Thrifted

Jeans | Thrifted

Bomber Jacket | Thrifted

Shoes | Emirates Shoes

Bag | Oldie

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere




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