I will be offended if you still need more convincing on the versatility of my Ankara two-set! Heck, the word is even cliché at this point! I have used it so many times (in writing) here on the blog as well as on my social media. On that note let’s connect via my social media avenues [@gracemuriuki].

Hello peeps! So,way 3 which also happens to be my last styling option for my Ankara two-set lookbook is here! Of course there are lots of other ways you could style it. I would love to hear how you would style it, feel free to comment below.

Happiness is having an outfit you could slay in, 7 different ways. Notice 7 has been strategically used to mean all week long! For the more creative lot, let’s work with all year long. Call me cheap but low maintenance is a virtue. If you are looking to add one more virtue,choose cheap, a.k.a get this outfit already! Choose happiness 😁.

I guess am just trying to narrow down a more serious general line of thought with all this. To sum it all up, life is rich in possibilities, the world offers us choices, people we don’t know are working to advance us. The universe is grounding for you. And as one Ralph Marson said, “Here you are in the midst of it all; able to choose what to do. Pause, consider & make each choice worthy of all that makes life possible.

Have a great weekend and may this coming week be the best you have had yet!









Coat & Shorts | Yours Truly

Black Tee         | Thrifted

Bag.                   | Oldie

Shoes.               | Emirates Shoes

Author.             | Grace Muriuki

Photography.  | Ogega Andere




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