I am resisting the urge to ask you this guys, but I will ask anyway. Anyone watched ‘Me Before You’ the movie? If yes, please tell me you cried your eyes dry. Coz I did. And of all the people I have talked to, looks like I am alien. No one found anything to cry about. To be honest I am a bit shaken myself. I thought I knew myself, why on earth did I use two packets of pocket tissues!? Okay I am exxagerating. But seriously, I need to know.

Moving on musically, anyone late on jumping into the bandwagon that is ‘Lemonade’,Beyonce’s latest album? I wasn’t exactly excited about it (the visual was real good though) but the music, let’s just say I wasn’t so-so excited. Lately though! Boy! I’m I  obsessed? Am on it back to back! I am so hooked on ‘Hold Up’!

In other news, here’s the last look for my oversized white shirt lookbook. I had so much fun styling it, and I hope you liked it. On this last look, I was going for a fun, chilled, I-ain’t-worried-bout-nothin’ look,  while still maintaining some level of edge. All white everything does exactly that. If you missed on the other looks, feel free check them out, especially look 1 where I outlined reasons you should own this shirt!

I am humbled you spared your time to visit! A blessed week to you and yours!










A big thank you to Lily Katule for the glam throughout this look book( Check her out on social media) and my boo Mesi for accompanying me throughout the shoots.

Shirt | Yours Truly (From my collection )

Shoes | Bata Kenya

Neckpiece | Mr Price

Glasses | Forever Trendy

Make Up | Lily Katule

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere







Happy Tuesday ladies and gents! I hope you are off to a good start of the week. Here today to show you look 2 from my oversized shirt lookbook, but before then I want to share something with you.

In as much as I want to continuously rant about fashion, I also yearn to make this space a safe place to share my experiences (good and bad) and hopefully get to hear your experiences. Basically, am hoping this grows into a space we can all interact to share our experiences just to remind each other ” Hey! You are not alone .”

A lot has been said about taking risks, be it in your fashion, school, careers, heck even relationships! When we tell people to take risks, we often have the best case scenarios in mind. We imply that once one takes a risk, something good is to come out of it. What if that’s not the case? What if you fail miserably?

The inescaple fact is that failure and rejection is as real as it gets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very optimistic person but I also try to be real. The truth of the matter is failure and rejection happens, and its ugly and rough. No matter how much we slice it. However, happiness isn’t the absence of rejection, resilience is. The ability to get right up when we fall and the courage to continue is what that counts. At least that’s what I have learnt.

So quit the ‘pity party’, pull yourself together and take total ownership of everything in your life. And when you take a risk, and things fall apart, don’t be discouraged. Take another and another because that’s how it is. We sail through life amidst a few setbacks and failures. We just need to get right up.

I hope you like how I styled my look 2. I accessorised with brown tones, (which will always work with white by the way) to achieve this chic look! Kindly leave a comment and feel free to place your order below.

I can’t thank you enough for yet another visit. Have a blessed week ahead.






Please  remind me never to do this again in public 🙈





Shirt       | Yours truly ( from my                                       collection )

Belt.       | Thrifted

Shoes.   | Glam Access ( online)

Watch. | Daniel Wellington (Ordered                           online)

Makeup | Lily Katule

Author. | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere






What’s not to love about an oversized white shirt and the perfect leather biker jacket? Seriously, what?? I’ll answer that for you for free; absolutely nothing!

Yes, I am aware that it’s still quite cold in Nairobi for such a shirt,the September heat has been lagging BUT, fashion waits for no woman. Let’s see why you need to own this shirt from my collection.

1. IT’S A CLASSIC – For crying out loud it’s a shirt and it’s white! Even if fashion gods are not dictating that we should wear it, you can wear it whenever. It’s never going to be out of style!

2.ALWAYS SMART – A white shirt is suitable for many occasions as I will show you in the subsequent posts around my ‘Oversized shirt loookbook’.Just trust me on this one.

3. BUDGET FRIENDLY – I am making this shirt available at the cheapest of prices. It’s versatility also maximises it’s utility gain.

4. COLOR INCORPORATION – This shirt allows you to explore your love for color. If paired with black as in this look, it tends to lend itself very easily with color! Throw in your blues ,oranges, greens reds, just accesorise with color! So color lovers, I’ve got you covered.

5. IT’S TRANS-SEASONAL – In as much as it’s a light shirt, it can easily be layered with jackets, coats, scarfs and sweaters. You can then rid the layers during warmer days.

I hope I was convincing enough and you just added an oversized white shirt on your wishlist! Thank me later!

A great weekend to you all and thank you for dropping by.









Shirt | Yours truly ( From my collection )

Jacket | Thrifted

Shoes | Fabtrends Kenya

MakeUp | Lily Katule ( check her out )

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere