What’s not to love about an oversized white shirt and the perfect leather biker jacket? Seriously, what?? I’ll answer that for you for free; absolutely nothing!

Yes, I am aware that it’s still quite cold in Nairobi for such a shirt,the September heat has been lagging BUT, fashion waits for no woman. Let’s see why you need to own this shirt from my collection.

1. IT’S A CLASSIC – For crying out loud it’s a shirt and it’s white! Even if fashion gods are not dictating that we should wear it, you can wear it whenever. It’s never going to be out of style!

2.ALWAYS SMART – A white shirt is suitable for many occasions as I will show you in the subsequent posts around my ‘Oversized shirt loookbook’.Just trust me on this one.

3. BUDGET FRIENDLY – I am making this shirt available at the cheapest of prices. It’s versatility also maximises it’s utility gain.

4. COLOR INCORPORATION – This shirt allows you to explore your love for color. If paired with black as in this look, it tends to lend itself very easily with color! Throw in your blues ,oranges, greens reds, just accesorise with color! So color lovers, I’ve got you covered.

5. IT’S TRANS-SEASONAL – In as much as it’s a light shirt, it can easily be layered with jackets, coats, scarfs and sweaters. You can then rid the layers during warmer days.

I hope I was convincing enough and you just added an oversized white shirt on your wishlist! Thank me later!

A great weekend to you all and thank you for dropping by.









Shirt | Yours truly ( From my collection )

Jacket | Thrifted

Shoes | Fabtrends Kenya

MakeUp | Lily Katule ( check her out )

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere







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