I am resisting the urge to ask you this guys, but I will ask anyway. Anyone watched ‘Me Before You’ the movie? If yes, please tell me you cried your eyes dry. Coz I did. And of all the people I have talked to, looks like I am alien. No one found anything to cry about. To be honest I am a bit shaken myself. I thought I knew myself, why on earth did I use two packets of pocket tissues!? Okay I am exxagerating. But seriously, I need to know.

Moving on musically, anyone late on jumping into the bandwagon that is ‘Lemonade’,Beyonce’s latest album? I wasn’t exactly excited about it (the visual was real good though) but the music, let’s just say I wasn’t so-so excited. Lately though! Boy! I’m I  obsessed? Am on it back to back! I am so hooked on ‘Hold Up’!

In other news, here’s the last look for my oversized white shirt lookbook. I had so much fun styling it, and I hope you liked it. On this last look, I was going for a fun, chilled, I-ain’t-worried-bout-nothin’ look,  while still maintaining some level of edge. All white everything does exactly that. If you missed on the other looks, feel free check them out, especially look 1 where I outlined reasons you should own this shirt!

I am humbled you spared your time to visit! A blessed week to you and yours!










A big thank you to Lily Katule for the glam throughout this look book( Check her out on social media) and my boo Mesi for accompanying me throughout the shoots.

Shirt | Yours Truly (From my collection )

Shoes | Bata Kenya

Neckpiece | Mr Price

Glasses | Forever Trendy

Make Up | Lily Katule

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere





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