It’s easy to get drained from what seems not to be going right in our lives. But do you know we seem to notice  the wrong because there is so much right in life already! The irony huh! Life troubles exist within a larger context, one that contains a lot of good things. Obsessing about the wrong ones only prevents us from moving forward.

I felt so gorgeous in this outfit! I was having a not-so-good day but ooh boy! The moment I had it on, everything just changed and all became right that very instance. To think that an outfit could give me so much joy!

All I am saying is, there is so much good in our lives, let’s not allow the occasionally bad steal that from us. Take time to appreciate the good, then you can effectively deal with the bad.

Love X Love











Top      | My Collection

Cullotes |  My Collection

Shoes.    | Emirates Shoes

Make Up | Lily Katule

Photography | Ogega Anders





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