Happy new week folks!

Most recently,we have seen celebrities favour one particular coat; the duster. The duster coat is undeniably a signature piece to own. It’s styling options are limitless ranging from being worn over a dress, jeans, shorts, skirts or even formal pants. With a long and breezy design,its versatility makes for an extremely stylish look.

When I first had this particular one in mind, I was looking to create a ‘9 to 5’ look book for the ladies. However I wore it over my favorite dress of all time and boy! Was I pleased?! Of course I will create the look book, but meanwhile can we appreciate it over a dress? Thank you!

So is it a yay for this coat that provides warmth & coverage by being slightly below the knee if not floor grazing levels but somehow managing to be subversively baddass at the same time!?  Feel free to leave a comment☺.

Thank you for reading!









White dress | My collection

Duster coat  | My collection

Bag.                | Old Sasa Mall

Shoes.           | Glam Access

Make up.      | Lily Katule

Photography | Ogega Andere



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