How much importance do we attach to our inner essentials? If you were given a shopping voucher worth twenty thousand shillings, how much of it would you spend on inner wear. Do the math, I’ll wait.

See a lot of time and money is invested in curating the perfect closet with the perfect outfits while we overlook the foundation of it all. The way we feel in an outfit can be greatly influenced by our inner wear. The right underwear, bras & slips give one the confidence to strut in anything; from leisure pants to evening dresses to bodycon and skinny jeans.

So I’ll cut it right to the chase.

1. Seamless panties : Do you need your clothes gliding over your skin without the bumps, these are your friend. A perfect alternative to the thong style, they provide coverage as opposed to the cousins (thongs) that are a little tricky with sheer fabric.


2. Backless Nubra :If you are into the backless and low backed dresses,you might need one of these. They create comfort while still avoiding a messy back allowing you to rock the life out of that dress!

3. Nude shades : For my white loving sisters, try nude underwear. I always thought, only black underwear will do the white dress Justice but no. Nude works too. So take a break from the blacks,will you?! Same applies for those of us that can’t stand color on underwear. Black and nude. Ya dig??


Like they say, ” Innerwear can be a curse or blessing” . Choose wisely. There’s empowerment in comfort.



The last two sets are from Women Secret Official. You can get similar sets from Lingerie World in Nairobi.

In other news, forgive my absence, been so swamped with school and other projects I am working on. I hope to share them with you soon.

Also, celebrating milestones!!!


Got to share my style with some amazing people!

Aaand ( Never start a sentence like this ) I have been nominated in the People’s Choice Awards in the ‘Most Interesting Writer’ category! Yaay! Kindly vote for me via . Help me bag this one😉.

Until next time, thank you so much for the support with every visit you make here. You all make this possible!


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