Hello good people! Say hello to yet another creation from Grace The Brand! The way I say it, an unfamiliar party will think that it’s a worthy competitor to Dolce and Gabbana or Calvin Klein or Burberry or Dior or Chanel or Gucci or Luis Vuitton! Boy, or Balmain! A girl can dream right!

Quick rant…

Am still in my very early 20’s but lately am losing my mind over unachievement. I am confused, does that word even exist? I feel like the big 30 is around the corner. I am paranoid. Thanks. I know. But seriously, I am scared that the pace at which am moving is not good enough. The fact that I am finishing my undergrad this year is not helping either. I don’t like the number of ticks on my ‘to do list’ in life.


Okay am done, carry on??

So I want to create good content for the blog, good pieces for my line, good grades in school, be a good role model to my sister,productivity at my work place and cultivate great relationships with those close to my heart: friends and family alike. But this demon called negativity is on my case. So I look for answers and weapons to subdue it.






While at it, I got something. See attaching weight and importance to good thoughts in long durations is good in programming our minds.However, our unconscious and mind is programmed not just by thought but action and behavior incredibly condition our minds. Hence Grace The Brand, and the many pieces I have been creating lately. So that one day, It will be a brand that people can identify with.

I am wearing my hendrix top with my shorts, ( previously pants) and my fave pair of lace-up heels. The Hendrix top is super versatile as it can be worn with a pencil skirts, skinny jeans, booty shorts and you should absolutely try it with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Extremely chic.



Thanks for dropping by.

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couture| Old jeans

Shoes | Gmak couture

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171C0426Hello ladies and gents! It’s been a minute,it took me a little longer to get back here than I had wished.

Today am sharing a look that features a couple of textures. Am talking chiffon, leather and suede. I feel that combining textures if done correctly could provide astonishing results. By astonishing, I mean ‘positive’ astonishing results.


Combining luxurious fabrics with simple fabrics, heavy with light helps accentuate contrast.And that ladies and gents is how you nail it, make a statement.


Contrast is what current fashion is about really. Whether it’s combining sophisticated with simple, manly clothing with elegant feminine pieces, color blocking or mixing and matching textures.171C0487

Blending in with the environment was not part of the plan. It just happened😉. How cool is the yellow light though! Hell how cool is my photographer!?





I went minimal with accessories. I used a tiny matching mustard bag. ( Anyone currently obssesed with small bags like I am?) I also added a gold watch and gold bracelet to finish the look .

Good luck experimenting with different textures and styles. As always, I appreciate your stopping by.

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Skirt | River Island

Shoes | Gmak

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Anthony Ogega