How much importance do we attach to our inner essentials? If you were given a shopping voucher worth twenty thousand shillings, how much of it would you spend on inner wear. Do the math, I’ll wait.

See a lot of time and money is invested in curating the perfect closet with the perfect outfits while we overlook the foundation of it all. The way we feel in an outfit can be greatly influenced by our inner wear. The right underwear, bras & slips give one the confidence to strut in anything; from leisure pants to evening dresses to bodycon and skinny jeans.

So I’ll cut it right to the chase.

1. Seamless panties : Do you need your clothes gliding over your skin without the bumps, these are your friend. A perfect alternative to the thong style, they provide coverage as opposed to the cousins (thongs) that are a little tricky with sheer fabric.


2. Backless Nubra :If you are into the backless and low backed dresses,you might need one of these. They create comfort while still avoiding a messy back allowing you to rock the life out of that dress!

3. Nude shades : For my white loving sisters, try nude underwear. I always thought, only black underwear will do the white dress Justice but no. Nude works too. So take a break from the blacks,will you?! Same applies for those of us that can’t stand color on underwear. Black and nude. Ya dig??


Like they say, ” Innerwear can be a curse or blessing” . Choose wisely. There’s empowerment in comfort.



The last two sets are from Women Secret Official. You can get similar sets from Lingerie World in Nairobi.

In other news, forgive my absence, been so swamped with school and other projects I am working on. I hope to share them with you soon.

Also, celebrating milestones!!!


Got to share my style with some amazing people!

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I get into a matatu, get comfortable and get my book as per usual. Three minutes into the drive I realize I have been reading one single sentence so I take my phone. I am not psyched for reading anyway. Usually, I barely notice the person seated next to me. This time I did. I could feel him staring into my phone. So I looked up, it was an older man, my grandfather’s age. So I passively indulged him by letting him stare.

“Are you a designer”, he asked. “Sort of” , I answered. “You are good, just stay true to yourself. Imitation limits you” he said. His words could be so cliché on some other context, but this time I attached a lot of weight to them. Moral of this story;

1.You don’t have to be like the rest of them.

2.While in a matatu, indulge the old man seated next to you. More often than not, they have something valuable to say.

Dear corporate chic, they say you need to be in a classic button down white blouse, the black skirt, the pantyhose, the conservative skirt suit and the grey trouser suit. All that is okay. However you don’t have to hate your job because you hate what you have to wear there! You can still remain stylish without necessarily offending anyone at the office! Allow me to give you an example of how to go about it!






A girl can daydream right?



That’s all folks ☺

Full suit | My collection

Top.        | Thrifted

Shoes.    | Emirates shoes

Bag.         | Sasa mall

Make Up | Lily Katule

Photography | Ogega Andere



Happy new week folks!

Most recently,we have seen celebrities favour one particular coat; the duster. The duster coat is undeniably a signature piece to own. It’s styling options are limitless ranging from being worn over a dress, jeans, shorts, skirts or even formal pants. With a long and breezy design,its versatility makes for an extremely stylish look.

When I first had this particular one in mind, I was looking to create a ‘9 to 5’ look book for the ladies. However I wore it over my favorite dress of all time and boy! Was I pleased?! Of course I will create the look book, but meanwhile can we appreciate it over a dress? Thank you!

So is it a yay for this coat that provides warmth & coverage by being slightly below the knee if not floor grazing levels but somehow managing to be subversively baddass at the same time!?  Feel free to leave a comment☺.

Thank you for reading!









White dress | My collection

Duster coat  | My collection

Bag.                | Old Sasa Mall

Shoes.           | Glam Access

Make up.      | Lily Katule

Photography | Ogega Andere




From trench coats, bomber jackets to camo pants, some of our action-inspired pieces have been forged in the crucible of war. There is so much we can draw from military style and that, ladies and gents is what I am here to do!

I have always had a thing for military pieces, not the guns nor missiles, the clothing. I always find my mind running wild with ideas wherever I see a soldier in some olive green coat with budges laid onto it. “I could absolutely rock that on a white bodycon dress with the sleeves rolled up”,I think to myself. For that reason I am priotizing the idea of creating a military inspired collection for Grace The Brand. I will fill you in on the progress of my mini-project, right here on the blog. Meanwhile, let’s play army brats, shall we?

As always, thanks for reading.







Believe me, in my heart I am smiling 👆


Top & Pants | My collection ( Available                                                              on order )

Black top.    | Gikomba Market

Shoes.          | Emirates shoes

Makeup.      | Lily Katule

Author.        | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere



It’s easy to get drained from what seems not to be going right in our lives. But do you know we seem to notice  the wrong because there is so much right in life already! The irony huh! Life troubles exist within a larger context, one that contains a lot of good things. Obsessing about the wrong ones only prevents us from moving forward.

I felt so gorgeous in this outfit! I was having a not-so-good day but ooh boy! The moment I had it on, everything just changed and all became right that very instance. To think that an outfit could give me so much joy!

All I am saying is, there is so much good in our lives, let’s not allow the occasionally bad steal that from us. Take time to appreciate the good, then you can effectively deal with the bad.

Love X Love











Top      | My Collection

Cullotes |  My Collection

Shoes.    | Emirates Shoes

Make Up | Lily Katule

Photography | Ogega Anders





I am resisting the urge to ask you this guys, but I will ask anyway. Anyone watched ‘Me Before You’ the movie? If yes, please tell me you cried your eyes dry. Coz I did. And of all the people I have talked to, looks like I am alien. No one found anything to cry about. To be honest I am a bit shaken myself. I thought I knew myself, why on earth did I use two packets of pocket tissues!? Okay I am exxagerating. But seriously, I need to know.

Moving on musically, anyone late on jumping into the bandwagon that is ‘Lemonade’,Beyonce’s latest album? I wasn’t exactly excited about it (the visual was real good though) but the music, let’s just say I wasn’t so-so excited. Lately though! Boy! I’m I  obsessed? Am on it back to back! I am so hooked on ‘Hold Up’!

In other news, here’s the last look for my oversized white shirt lookbook. I had so much fun styling it, and I hope you liked it. On this last look, I was going for a fun, chilled, I-ain’t-worried-bout-nothin’ look,  while still maintaining some level of edge. All white everything does exactly that. If you missed on the other looks, feel free check them out, especially look 1 where I outlined reasons you should own this shirt!

I am humbled you spared your time to visit! A blessed week to you and yours!










A big thank you to Lily Katule for the glam throughout this look book( Check her out on social media) and my boo Mesi for accompanying me throughout the shoots.

Shirt | Yours Truly (From my collection )

Shoes | Bata Kenya

Neckpiece | Mr Price

Glasses | Forever Trendy

Make Up | Lily Katule

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere






Happy Tuesday ladies and gents! I hope you are off to a good start of the week. Here today to show you look 2 from my oversized shirt lookbook, but before then I want to share something with you.

In as much as I want to continuously rant about fashion, I also yearn to make this space a safe place to share my experiences (good and bad) and hopefully get to hear your experiences. Basically, am hoping this grows into a space we can all interact to share our experiences just to remind each other ” Hey! You are not alone .”

A lot has been said about taking risks, be it in your fashion, school, careers, heck even relationships! When we tell people to take risks, we often have the best case scenarios in mind. We imply that once one takes a risk, something good is to come out of it. What if that’s not the case? What if you fail miserably?

The inescaple fact is that failure and rejection is as real as it gets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very optimistic person but I also try to be real. The truth of the matter is failure and rejection happens, and its ugly and rough. No matter how much we slice it. However, happiness isn’t the absence of rejection, resilience is. The ability to get right up when we fall and the courage to continue is what that counts. At least that’s what I have learnt.

So quit the ‘pity party’, pull yourself together and take total ownership of everything in your life. And when you take a risk, and things fall apart, don’t be discouraged. Take another and another because that’s how it is. We sail through life amidst a few setbacks and failures. We just need to get right up.

I hope you like how I styled my look 2. I accessorised with brown tones, (which will always work with white by the way) to achieve this chic look! Kindly leave a comment and feel free to place your order below.

I can’t thank you enough for yet another visit. Have a blessed week ahead.






Please  remind me never to do this again in public 🙈





Shirt       | Yours truly ( from my                                       collection )

Belt.       | Thrifted

Shoes.   | Glam Access ( online)

Watch. | Daniel Wellington (Ordered                           online)

Makeup | Lily Katule

Author. | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere






What’s not to love about an oversized white shirt and the perfect leather biker jacket? Seriously, what?? I’ll answer that for you for free; absolutely nothing!

Yes, I am aware that it’s still quite cold in Nairobi for such a shirt,the September heat has been lagging BUT, fashion waits for no woman. Let’s see why you need to own this shirt from my collection.

1. IT’S A CLASSIC – For crying out loud it’s a shirt and it’s white! Even if fashion gods are not dictating that we should wear it, you can wear it whenever. It’s never going to be out of style!

2.ALWAYS SMART – A white shirt is suitable for many occasions as I will show you in the subsequent posts around my ‘Oversized shirt loookbook’.Just trust me on this one.

3. BUDGET FRIENDLY – I am making this shirt available at the cheapest of prices. It’s versatility also maximises it’s utility gain.

4. COLOR INCORPORATION – This shirt allows you to explore your love for color. If paired with black as in this look, it tends to lend itself very easily with color! Throw in your blues ,oranges, greens reds, just accesorise with color! So color lovers, I’ve got you covered.

5. IT’S TRANS-SEASONAL – In as much as it’s a light shirt, it can easily be layered with jackets, coats, scarfs and sweaters. You can then rid the layers during warmer days.

I hope I was convincing enough and you just added an oversized white shirt on your wishlist! Thank me later!

A great weekend to you all and thank you for dropping by.









Shirt | Yours truly ( From my collection )

Jacket | Thrifted

Shoes | Fabtrends Kenya

MakeUp | Lily Katule ( check her out )

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere







I will be offended if you still need more convincing on the versatility of my Ankara two-set! Heck, the word is even cliché at this point! I have used it so many times (in writing) here on the blog as well as on my social media. On that note let’s connect via my social media avenues [@gracemuriuki].

Hello peeps! So,way 3 which also happens to be my last styling option for my Ankara two-set lookbook is here! Of course there are lots of other ways you could style it. I would love to hear how you would style it, feel free to comment below.

Happiness is having an outfit you could slay in, 7 different ways. Notice 7 has been strategically used to mean all week long! For the more creative lot, let’s work with all year long. Call me cheap but low maintenance is a virtue. If you are looking to add one more virtue,choose cheap, a.k.a get this outfit already! Choose happiness 😁.

I guess am just trying to narrow down a more serious general line of thought with all this. To sum it all up, life is rich in possibilities, the world offers us choices, people we don’t know are working to advance us. The universe is grounding for you. And as one Ralph Marson said, “Here you are in the midst of it all; able to choose what to do. Pause, consider & make each choice worthy of all that makes life possible.

Have a great weekend and may this coming week be the best you have had yet!









Coat & Shorts | Yours Truly

Black Tee         | Thrifted

Bag.                   | Oldie

Shoes.               | Emirates Shoes

Author.             | Grace Muriuki

Photography.  | Ogega Andere





Did you know a whooping 1.5tr dollars of the global economy is accrued to the fashion industry. Africa’s contribution to this amount is unknown but I can tell you for sure,countries like Vietnam,China,India,Turkey and the likes are smiling all the way to the bank. Sadly,this is one of the most neglected and underdeveloped sectors in most of African economies. The potential of the fashion industry to provide solutions to the rising youth unemployment and slow economic growth is often overlooked.

African fashion has been receiving a lot of attention in the recent past ranging from runways during fashion weeks to street exhibition of our pieces. We have also been enjoying massive media presence which can only mean that,the world is now aware of our capabilities. Our ability to now take advantage of the prevailing conditions is what will determine how much we rise.

It’s the early time we supported our own local designs, from a place of genuine desire to identify with who we are & the absence of the need for validation of our heritage.Ya digg??

That said, on a lighter note, I apologize for letting the economist/statician in me dominate the better part of today’s post. All am saying is, it is absolutely okay to rock Ankara for street wear. Throw in the rubbers too, especially white ones from Bata😜. They go a long way.

I hope you like my way-two of styling my two-set outfit.Do me a favour, share this post then make sure you a have a great week ahead😊. Make sure.












Coat & Shorts | Yours Truly

Kungfu rubbers | Bata

Neck piece | Mr Price

Sunnies | Old from a random store

Author | Grace Muriuki

Photography | Ogega Andere